Allow Land Cruiser Heaven to breathe new life into your beloved Land
Cruiser, providing it with a rejuvenated perspective through our
comprehensive body-on Resurrection service.


Vehicle is picked up or delivered to our location.

A complete 100 point inspection is performed to get an in-depth idea of current vehicle condition.

The Resurrection process is then divided into 5 phases:


The engine undergoes a comprehensive baseline procedure using only Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Toyota parts. This meticulous process includes the replacement of all seals, gaskets, o-rings, belts, vacuum hoses, filters, tensioners, idler pulley, ignition cables, spark plugs, distributor cap, and rotor. The induction and injection systems receive thorough servicing. Moreover, the engine oil is replaced with high-quality synthetic oil. To ensure optimal performance, the cooling system also undergoes a baseline procedure. This involves the installation of new heater rubber hoses, heater valve, fan clutch, thermostat, and water pump, accompanied by a complete coolant flush. The coolant system is then refilled with Toyota Red Antifreeze/Coolant. For the power steering system, a new power steering pump and low-pressure hoses are installed. Additionally, a comprehensive power steering system oil flush is carried out. The condition of the engine and the necessary tasks to address are determined through an inspection report. Compression tests play a crucial role in determining if any additional work is required for the engine.


We meticulously rebuild the entire front knuckle, installing new seals, gaskets, bearings, and grease to ensure its optimal condition. The same level of care is applied to the rear hub, which is also rebuilt with new seals, gaskets, and bearings. Furthermore, we drain the old oil from the axles, transfer case, and automatic transmission, performing a thorough flush before filling them with top-quality synthetic oil. ew synthetic brake fluid.


Our comprehensive brake servicing includes the installation of new rotors, pads, and calipers on all wheels. We rebuild the rear drums with new hardware and shoes, making necessary adjustments to the parking brake. To maximize brake performance, we conduct a complete brake flush and bleeding process, replenishing it with new synthetic brake fluid.


Old suspension is removed and a complete new Dobinson suspension is installed. Based on the customers needs a stock height or an upgraded lift suspension is used. All control arm bushings are replaced.

All worn-out steering tie rods are replaced with new ones to enhance the vehicle's steering precision. Subsequently, the vehicle undergoes a thorough alignment to ensure optimal driving stability and performance.

Frame (Undercarriage Protection)
The foundation of any successful endeavor lies in meticulous preparation. At the outset, we employ a comprehensive steam cleaning and pressure washing regimen on the undercarriage. This process ensures the total eradication of contaminants like grease, oil, dirt, and other residues. With that accomplished, a hands-on cleaning phase begins. Here, we address any visible surface rust, using a wire wheel to ensure its thorough removal.

In our next step, the undercarriage benefits from a specialized chemical treatment, uniquely designed to transform rust into solid, resilient metal. Once applied, a waiting period of 24 hours is observed, followed by another round of intensive pressure washing. After this, we allow the undercarriage an unhurried drying period, typically lasting between 24 to 48 hours.

But our quest for perfection doesn't end there. To fortify the undercarriage and axles against future wear and tear, we administer three generous coats of the premium-quality POR15 spray. This not only provides a shield against potential damages but also lends a polished finish. Once this protective layer is in place, we allow a curing period of 48 hours, ensuring the paint sets perfectly. Only then, with patience and precision, are the axles seamlessly reassembled onto the frame.

The vehicle will undergo a comprehensive paint refresh, accompanied by the replacement of any worn or damaged weatherstripping, lights, and other components.

To prepare for the paint refresh, all windows, moldings, door handles, lights, bumpers, and mirrors are carefully removed. Any dings, dents, or rust are skillfully repaired to restore the vehicle's pristine appearance. Following the necessary repairs, the vehicle is meticulously prepped and painted using the same original color to maintain its authentic charm. Finally, all emblems are replaced to ensure a complete and polished finish.

Sound Deadening
After completely stripping the interior, we introduce two tiers of soundproofing. The first layer, an 80 mil butyl pad, is adhered to the entire interior surface of the vehicle, eliminating any rattling noises from the body panels. Following this, a 150 mil foam pad is added to dampen road noise, ensuring the interior remains serene and comfortable, especially during extended journeys.

Upholstery and Carpeting
The interior undergoes a comprehensive transformation as we meticulously disassemble it down to the bare cab. The carpet receives a thorough steam cleaning, while all panels are cleaned to restore their pristine condition. Any missing or damaged parts are diligently sourced and replaced. To enhance comfort and reduce noise, we apply sound deadening material to the floor, doors, and roof. Once these steps are completed, the carpet is reinstalled, rejuvenating the interior space.

The seats receive special attention, being entirely redone with premium Land Cruiser Heaven leather. Additionally, new front cushions are added for enhanced comfort. The steering wheel is expertly wrapped in leather, providing a luxurious touch.

We elevate the audio experience by upgrading the system with a Double Din Bluetooth CD radio and new 6.5" speakers throughout the vehicle. Furthermore, a reverse camera is seamlessly integrated for added convenience and safety. To enhance the interior ambiance, a complete LED light upgrade is performed, ensuring optimal lighting in the cabin.

The culmination of our process is the outfitting phase. Here, we enhance the vehicle’s resurrection by incorporating a range of Overlanding accessories. These additions can include robust front and rear steel bumpers, a dependable winch, advanced off-road lighting, a versatile roof rack, rugged all-terrain or mud-terrain tires, dual battery configurations, perimeter lighting, and solar charging capabilities. While this phase is optional, it undoubtedly elevates the build, making it distinctly unique.


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